Hi! I’m Mike Ratel

I am a Brooklyn native who grew up in New Jersey and Miami and now resides in Washington, DC. All of my adult life I have been interested in music, film, and photography. I have been photographing concerts since I was a teenager in Miami and have photographed the likes of the Ramones, Smithereens, and the Go Go’s. In 2008 I started shooting patrons of Washington, DC dance clubs and was the house photographer at the K Street Lounge. In 2012 I completed a documentary film about the sport of lawn mower racing entitled On Your Mark, Get Set, MOW! The film went on to screen at a handful of film festivals including the 2016 Los Angeles All Sports Film Festival and won the Best Director award at the 2013 Downbeach Cinefest in Atlantic City. The film has also screened in Bangkok and Hanoi.

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Inked Magazine, brighestyoungthings.com

Thanks for viewing the world through my eyes — I hope you enjoy my site and the work that I’m doing. Got something for me? Get in touch.

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